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We are officially a Non-Profit, 501c3!

Our work with the Work, Play, Love project began many years ago when my partners and I began supporting The Hogar Miguel Magone boy’s orphanage in Guatemala.  We had no clue how much the orphans would touch our hearts or how much they would inspire us to do way more than we ever thought possible, but they did.

With the help of so many wonderful contributors, we helped to raise money for a new van and just daily items the boys needed.  Shortly after that we began fundraising to build, furnish, staff and pay for the daily running costs of an entire new orphanage that would house up to 35 girls.

After almost 5 years of fundraising and 11 trips to Guatemala to see both the boys and girls, and after the dedication of Rick Campbell of the Georgia LegalShield law firm, we are officially a 501c3.

We are more than thankful to all our Hogar Heroes, to Rick and his staff at the law firm, to the directors of Miguel MagoneDiane Springer of Orphans’ Hope Project,  Dani MeliaSharla Patrick of Gravity Junction Web Design & Marketing, to Allison BoyleGabrielle DavisonChris Chien, all our personal friends, family, our LegalShield family and their friends and family and all those who have helped us to get to this point and moving forward to bigger goals in 2015.

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