Kim, Mike & Steve Melia

One Plane Ride Changed It All

Kim, Mike & Steve Meila have been business partners with LegalShield for almost 2 decades.  They have always had the philosophy of work a little, play a lot and love even more.  The Melia’s started supporting many philanthropic projects, but always deep down all three really wanted to support an orphanage, but didn’t know where to start.

Mike Melia was traveling for business and was intrigued with a bracelet that the flight attendant was wearing.  After asking the flight attendant about the bracelet, Mike learned that the bracelets were a fundraising piece for an orphanage in Guatemala, the Hogar Miguel Magone.  Mike, Kim & Steve then learned that Diane Springer, of California, had started a non-profit called The Orphan’s Hope Project.  The Orphan’s Hope Project prided itself on donating 100% of all money to the Hogar Miguel Magone, there was not one person in the non-profit taking a salary.

Mike gave the flight attendant $1000 on shear faith that the money would indeed go to the Hogar Miguel Magone.  Within that month he then got a picture that showed him all the wonderful items that money was able to buy for the children.

More than impressed and certainly intrigued, all three partners decided they would send Kim & Steve to check out the orphanage first hand.

Our Hearts Have No Borders

Upon arriving at the Hogar Miguel Magone orphanage, Mike, Kim & Steve Melia realized that they had found what they had been looking for for years.  This orphanage housed around 65 boys.  The directors of the orphanage, Karen Rodas & Estuardo Reynoso had the most amazing life long dedication to taking care of these precious beings.

The Melia partners stayed and spent time with the kids, worked on the property and got to know the directors.  Immediately the Melias came back home, put a plan in place to begin fundraising to help the boys orphanage.  They raised enough money to help buy a brand new van, to help with transporting the children safely.

Mike, Kim & Steve have never been known to play small and this next move was the biggest of their life.

The partners found out that the directors really wanted to build a girls’ orphanage on the property, so that when sisters & brothers were orphaned, the wouldn’t have to be split up.  So, you guessed it…the new mission was to build an entire girls’ orphanage.

4 years later, the orphanage , Maria Auxiliadora Hogar, was erected and houses up to 35 girls.

The partners couldn’t stop their, because the orphanage has daily running costs that need to be covered.  So the Hogar Hero program was born.

The Hogar Hero program is a unique way to donate.  Where most foundations allow you to just sponsor one child at a time, the Hogar Hero program allows you to choose your monthly donation, and those funds go to support the ENTIRE girls’ orphanage and continues to help the boys’ orphanage as well.

The Melia Partners are forever thankful to all the LegalShield associates, friends and families who started all the fundraising efforts and now this 501c3, Work~Play~Love, has so many people all over the world that help to support the Hogar Hero monthly program!

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