Our Mission


The Work, Play, Love motto is: Work a Little, Play a Lot and Love Even More.

The Work, Play, Love mission is: To inspire and empower all young people to value human life by developing a positive self image and to realize their full potential as productive, responsible and caring citizens.

We are committed to serving the children of the world and giving them every chance to lead a fulfilling, healthy and prosperous life.

Everyone deserves to be loved.


Over 4 years we have chosen to focus all our efforts on supporting the orphaned children in Guatemala.  We support a boys orphanage, Hogar Miguel Magone, which houses up to 65 boys.  We recently were able, with the help of our Hogar Heros, to open up a brand new girls’ orphanage next to the Hogar Miguel Magone.  Having the new girls’ orphanage, Maria Auxiliadora, allows siblings to stay together, when they are already facing extreme hard times as it is.

No system of taking care of orphaned children, regardless of the country, is perfect.  One of the reasons we chose Guatemala orphans is because no there is foster care system is in place, like here in the US.  So every orphaned child gets thrown into a large orphanage and becomes a number.  We wanted to do whatever we could for the children that come through both the boys and girls’ orphanages, making them feel like they are loved, help them to realize how important they are to the world, and in a caring family who will take care of them, so they don’t feel like a number in a big orphan institution.

Being an orphan, regardless of the county is a more than tough life to live, but with our efforts we hope to change the dreams, hopes and lives of all the precious children that come through our doors at the Hogar Miguel Magone and Maria Auxiliadora.

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