Hope Academy Empowers Girls Through Education

by Hogar Heroes

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Work, Play, Love is very excited to collaborate with Tree 4 Hope to build a school for the girls near the rural village of El Aguacate, Guatemala. Tree 4 Hope is a non-profit organization dedicated to building long-term hope for children, elders and families all around the world. They create ways to meet basic needs, empower local communities, promote cultural exchange and inspire the youth.

With our latest collaboration – Hope Academy – that’s just what we’ll do.

Just like your daughter or the children in your neighborhood, the girls of El Aguacate are sweet, precious children with hopes and dreams for the future. Unlike North American children, though, these girls often won’t see life outside of their village, with many of them being forced out of school to work, raise a family or escape violence.

Together, we want to change that. We’ve seen the difference an education can make and want to empower more young girls to achieve their dreams.

Hope Academy will be a bilingual school that blends Western and Latin American teaching methods to provide a multi-cultural education. Students will learn science, art, business, human rights and much more. These little girls will be able to go on and make smart decisions about their futures and the economic future of their entire village.

In order to make this happen, our goal is to raise $475,000 by January 2017. This will enable us to purchase the land, build Hope Academy and cover operational costs for one year. After that, money earned from avocado sales and other sustainable programs will provide the financial support of Hope Academy.

Hope Academy

So far, WPL has helped Tree 4 Hope raise the money to put a down payment on the avocado farm where Hope Academy will stand, but we still need your support to reach our goal.

With a security wall, reliable transportation, meals, and qualified teachers, Hope Academy will be a safe haven that fosters the learning and well-being of these precious girls.

How much will you invest to change the future of a village?

Learn more about Hope Academy and the girls of El Aguacate in the video below and CLICK HERE to support this project today!

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