3 Ways To Give Back In 2015

by Hogar Heroes

  • Posted on December 16, 2015

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give back

As the year comes to an end, it’s customary to reflect back on the past 365 days and think about how it all went. We think about last year’s New Years Resolutions, the goals we’ve accomplished – and those we haven’t – and what we will set our sites on in the new year.

We do this, too, but one question that always comes to mind as the holiday season approaches is this: Did I make a difference in someone’s life this year? 

It’s an important question, because we have so many opportunities every day to leave the world a better place. Think about all the times you’ve held open a door, donated to a charity, volunteered your time and given your heart and soul to something you believe in. The best part about giving back is that you can always do it and you’ll always be helping. Here at WPL, we believe that the holidays are a great time to think about giving – and one last chance to make a difference in the year.

So, here are 3 creative ways you can spread cheer and give back this holiday season.

1. Give Instead of Getting 

Ask your friends or family for cash or a one-time donation made on behalf of you instead of a gift this year. You’ll be surprised at how great it feels to really make a difference – and not end up with a bunch of stuff you didn’t need in the first place.

Give back
2. A Potluck with Purpose

Host a Christmas pot-luck and have everyone bring at least a $10 donation. Start a yearly tradition and see if you can beat the previous year’s total!

3. Shop for a Cause

Penny Lane bracelets and necklaces make great gifts for a friend, that special someone or even yourself. Plus, with each item you buy, a portion of the proceeds go toward the Hogar in Guatemala – CLICK HERE to start shopping.

WPL Co-Founder Kim Melia was recently in Guatemala to help host a holiday party for the girls and boys at the Hogars and got to see all the progress WPL and it’s Hogar Heroes have made this year. The smiles on their little faces and seeing a room full of thriving, happy children – children who are the future of their small village – was enough to inspire massive action.

Make a difference

So, for the upcoming year, WPL is challenging you to see how big of a change you can make in the world. It doesn’t take a huge sacrifice, it just takes a commitment. For example, for just the price of 2 Starbucks coffees ($10) each month, you can help put a roof over 23 girls’ heads and food in their bellies.

When’s the last time you made such an impact with $10?

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