Work, Play, Love Featured in Success From Home

by Hogar Heroes

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WPL Featured in Success From Home

If you flip through the September issue of Success From Home magazine, there you’ll see it: Work, Play, Love and the Melia Legalshield team featured in From the Heart.

The article shares with readers our story and how it all started one fateful Sunday on a plane.

After a stewardess told Mike Melia that her hand-made bracelets supported orphans in Guatemala, Mike took immediate action and wrote a check for $1,000.

Months later, the Melia team received a thank you video and felt compelled to do more. So, teaming up with a camera crew, Kim, Mike and Steve set out for a boy’s orphanage in Guatemala to raise awareness about the conditions in their remote corner of the world.

In just 90 days, the Melia team raised $52,000 to help build a girl’s orphanage next to the existing boy’s home. The project was completed in 2014. Today, 35 little girls have a place they can call home.

“We wanted these girls to feel, once in their lives, that they were special like princesses,” said Kim.

In Guatemala, being an orphan doesn’t have the same definition that we have come to accept in the United States and Canada. For some, they are parentless; but for countless others, they are separated from parents and siblings because their parents are sick with AIDS, or their families are too poor to take care of them.

“The stories are tragic, horrific,” said Kim. “Every time I go, there are new kids. There are kids that walked with bare feet from Honduras and some who ran away from home because they don’t want to be with the abusive fathers who killed their mothers.”

Work, Play, Love wants to help make sure children from the same families aren’t separated. It is already such a tragic time in their lives; we want to create a safe haven where they can remain families.

With just $5,000 a month, Hogar Heros continue to support the operational expenses for teachers, kitchen staff, and supplies at both the boy’s and girl’s homes.

Most recently, we’ve partnered with Tree 4 Hope to put a 10k down payment on new land and start building a school for these bright young kids. This new project is set to finish in 2017 and will help the kids rewrite their futures.

Every small donation made by a Hogar Hero makes an impact that is so much bigger than each of us can imagine. And that is why the Melia team is so passionate about Work, Play, Love.

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