Play Bingo on Mother’s Day and help us provide for the children!



Where do I go to play?

Head on over to the Work, Play, Love Facebook page on Mother’s Day, Sunday, May 10, 2020 at 4pm EST (try to get there 5-10 minutes early) to find the live stream:


How do I keep track of the called squares?

You can print them out to play or play right from your computer or mobile device.  You will be able to reuse your cards for each game played.  So if you are printing your cards out, be sure to use something temporary to mark your squares (like chips or coins).  If you are playing from a computer or mobile device, you can click on the squares to “X” them off and hit the “reset” button in the top right corner of your board to start fresh for the following game. *Be sure to not clear your board until the winner’s BINGO has been verified.  If BINGO is not verified, we will continue playing the game until it has.

How do I call “BINGO”?

If you have BINGO during any of the games we are playing, simply type BINGO in the comments section of the Facebook Live Stream.


Does every player get a different BINGO card?

Yes, every card sent out is completely unique from all of the others.  However, it is still possible for multiple players to get BINGO on the same call, so the prize will go to the player who responded with “BINGO” in the comments section of the Facebook Live Stream first.


Can I reuse my BINGO cards?

Yes, your BINGO cards can be reused for each of the games we play on Mother’s Day.  You will simply hit the reset button on the top right corner of your cards or clear your’ printed boards prior to the following game.


How do you know if someone truly has BINGO?

Once you call BINGO, you will then give us your card ID located on the top left corner of your card.  We will be able to pull up your card in our system to confirm that you do in fact have BINGO.  We ask that the other players do not clear your boards until BINGO has been confirmed.  Sometimes people call BINGO by mistake, and if that is the case we keep playing till someone has it.


May I give some of my cards to friends?

Of course, and what an awesome Mother’s Day gift.  You may gift all or some of your purchased cards to others.  Just be sure that you keep track of which cards you gave away vs which are yours.  You want to make sure you are playing your own individual board, and not have two people using the same board.

I already bought cards…can I purchase more?

Of course, simply go back to and purchase however many additional cards you would like, and we will get them over to you as well.


Are there prizes?

Yes, we will be playing multiple games and each game will have a prize worth approximately $25-$150 for the winner.  The prizes will be announced prior to each individual game beginning.


If you have any additional questions, please feel free to respond to this email.  Thank you so much for your love and support to  We are looking forward to spending a loving virtual Mother’s Day with you.


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