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What is a Hogar Hero?

A Hogar Hero is a dedicated supporter, ensuring every child at the orphanage has the essentials to be nurtured every day. Your commitment provides a loving home, care, and education, empowering them to thrive. Join us in this heroic mission. Be a Hero, Donate Monthly.

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What is a Change Maker?

A Change Maker is a generous supporter whose one-time donation goes beyond daily needs. You create meaningful change by supporting initiatives that enhance the lives of orphans, their future, and their community. Join us in making a lasting impact. Be a Change Maker, Donate Now.

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Every Child Deserves Food,
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Work, Play, Love

Orphan Childrens’ Charity In Guatemala &  Mexico

Work, Play, Love and the Hogar Heroes campaign is an orphan children charity that was established to help the children of Guatemala and expanded to include special projects and an orphange in Mexico in 2022.  As a non-profit 501c3 organization, the our funds are allocated support the Maria Auxiliadora Hogar, a girls’ orphanage that we funded to build outside of Guatemala City and Mama Cleo’s a Boy’s Orphanage near Lake Chapala in Mexico. Any excess funds are used to provide assistance to other projects and needs such as, the boy’s hogar in Guatemala, assistance for individual children’s medical needs, assistance within the villages that surround all hogars, and educational assistance in San Pedro, Mexico, 


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Key Accomplishments

Our orphan children charity in Guatemala & Mexico has:

  • Raised more than $600,000 to support the orphan children of Guatemala
  • Expanded our efforts into Mexico in 2022 with support for Mama Cleo’s a boy’s hogar.
  • Provided tuition assistance to for medical training for four outstanding individuals in Mexico.
  • Funded and hired local tradesmen to build the only girls’ orphanage near Antigua (in the shape of a pink princess palace)
  • Continuing to provide monthly support for the girls’ orphanage
  • Helped to install solar panels to eliminate electric bills at the girl’s hogar.
  • Bought the orphanages two vans for transportation
  • Renovated parts of the boys’ orphanage
  • Connected the facilities with other groups to complete large projects, like a $100,000 computer room and helping to remodel a home in the village

What We Do

Girls’ Orphanage

The Maria Auxiliadora Hogar is the main focus of Hogar Heroes. The goal of our Guatemala charity is to raise a minimum of $4,000 per month to support the facility staff, programming and of course provide care and housing for the children.

Boys’ Orphanage

Prior to building the girls’ orphanage, our organization was solely focused on supporting the Hogar Miguel Magone, a boy’s orphanage next door. Today, we continue to support the boys with any funds received in excess of our goal for the girls’ orphanage.

Mama Cleo’s 

In 2022 we were connected with Mama Cleo’s a busy orphanage for boys near Lake Chapala in Mexico. We assisted with holiday buying and in the spring of 2023 covered their rent for Q1. We have plans to continue to help Mama Cleo’s in whatever ways will make the most impact. 

Village Kids

Like many charities for orphans, we support other local children as well. The orphanages serve as a safe haven for boys and girls in the area, providing shelter, education, food, caretakers, transportation and other activities.

Girls’ School

We are one of three charities helping to build a girls’ school in the area. We’ve donated nearly $50,000 to this project and continue to contribute as funds become available. The school has been open but still requires construction to finish the 2nd floor. 

San Pedro/Mezcala Nursing Project

When we heard that four amazing individuals were hoping to receive medical training to help their community which is plagued with a high incidence of kidney disease, we stepped in to help with tuition. 


Funds Raised

Hogar Heroes

Orphans Helped

Volunteer Spotlight

Over the years, we’ve had many generous people volunteer with our orphan children charity in Guatemala. Here are some of their stories! Get inspired, and consider joining us during one of our volunteer trips to the orphanages.

Gabrielle Davison

I don’t think there could ever be just enough preparation for a trip like this one and I knew that going into it but was ready with an open heart and a empty camera for whatever we encountered. I have come to believe that I will continue to learn about ‘love’ and ‘how to love’ until the day I die.

The love of an orphan is so pure and raw. The ways that they share that love astound me and have made me think how much more I could be loving even daily in my own life. They often times reflect hearts of unconditional love and affection. Conditional being their circumstances that they have overcome with the ability to still pour out love on those that they have known a mere 5 minutes, to those they have known for many years. Over the week I spent working, and playing I did a whole lot of learning about loving. It’s a different part of love, one of it’s many colors, sizes and forms. I get choked up just thinking about it. It’s one thing to know about this kind of love, it’s a completely different to experience it and have it impressed upon your heart..

Chris Chien

I’ve worked with Kim to produce a mural in Guatemala in January 2014. It was a really fun experience to work with the kids at the orphanage. It was a really positive environment and such a privilege to get to interact with the people you are actually helping. The experience has influenced me to be more of a giving and altruistic person.

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