Hogar Heroes

What in the world is a Hogar Hero? 

Work, Play, Love is a global children’s charity. Our pilot project, the construction and ongoing support of a girl’s orphanage near Guatemala City, supplemental support for the adjacent boy’s orphanage, and the local village. 

In an effort to provide stability of funds, our Hogar Heroes program was formed. 

But still, what does it mean? 

Who are the heroes, what do they do?

What’s a hogar? 


“We didn’t want even one child to feel less loved, or left out.”

~Kim Melia

Work, Play, Love, Co-Founder

Hogar is the Spanish word for “home”. Our heroes, they don’t wear capes. 

A Hogar Hero provides a monthly donation to help us stabilize fundraising so that we can take care of the everyday expenses associated with running a home for up to three dozen young girls. 

Our heroes donate, on a long-term basis, amounts ranging from $5 to $500 monthly. There’s no minimum and no maximum donation amount. We encourage the $25-$50 range for those who can, but we are grateful for every penny. 

We have no paid administrative staff at Work, Play, Love. Almost 100% of all donations flow through right to the needs of the children. We have a small budget for outreach, our website maintenance, and reoccurring fees. 

The need is great. We are humbled and honored to fill it month after month, but it’s challenging. Our Hogar Heroes cover everything from the electricity and other utilities to teachers, caretakers, and mental health provider salaries. 

We’ve funded a new well, purchased a van, built the girl’s home from the ground up, we’ve supplied clothes, shoes, medicine, beds, bedding, and even small items like shampoo and toothpaste. 

Our heroes make this possible. 

Please consider donating monthly and joining our family of the most incredible superheroes we’ve ever seen. 

How to become a Hogar Hero.

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