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Trip costs vary, mostly due to the duration and volunteer needs. On average, you can expect your trip to Guatemala to run about $130 per night. This would not include your airfare. You can expect accommodations in a quaint, vibrant local hotel,, your meals, and transportation to and from the orphanage would be included. Transport to and from the airport is to be determined with each individual trip. Do expect that field trips with a group of children may occur. You’d have some structured time surrounding the children, the orphanage, and possibly a project we are working on. You’d also have free time to explore the area at your own expense.


  1. Be a Hogar Hero for no less than 6 months or a minimum contribution of $150
  2. Host a Fundraiser for WPL with a net donation of at least $150
  3. Work as an ambassador, help promote fundraisers, log no less than 15 volunteer hours on behalf of WPL

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