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Hope Academy Girls’ School

Building A School In A Third World Country

Work, Play, Love has collaborated with Tree 4 Hope to build a school for the girls near the rural village of El Aguacate, Guatemala. Tree 4 Hope is a non-profit organization dedicated to building long-term hope for children, elders and families all around the world. They create ways to meet basic needs, empower local communities, promote cultural exchange and inspire the youth. Realizing the need for a quality school with trained staff in the area, the dream of Hope Academy, a comprehensive school for girls, was born.

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The Hope Academy

Hope Academy is a girls’ school that features a dynamic curriculum. Groundbreaking for the school took place during Thanksgiving 2017! With classes taught in both English and Spanish, girls attending Hope Academy receive the very best instruction in science, art, business, and much more. Participating girls will come away with messages of positivity and self-worth, critical components to building a better life—especially in impoverished Guatemala. By expanding the horizons of El Aguacate’s girls through education, Hope Academy can create positive change in the lives of generations of children to come.

Hope Academy will do more than just meet the needs of the girls of El Aguacate. With a security wall, reliable transportation, and a qualified staff, Hope Academy will become a haven for the girls and the other children in the area, offering much-needed support and care.

The Need For A Girls’ School In El Aguacate, Guatemala

Vanessa is one daughter in a family of five. Her family lives on a mountainside in a home that floods with sewage following heavy rains. With two HIV-positive parents, Vanessa’s hope for her future is extraordinary: “I want to become a doctor,” she says. The village of El Aguacate, Guatemala is filled with children like Vanessa. Unlike girls in the first-world, the girls of El Aguacate are especially unlikely to receive an adequate education. Pushed out of the school system by poverty, family obligations, and in some cases, abuse, these girls are in extreme need of educational assistance.

With this dire situation in mind, Work, Play, Love has extended our operations from helping the orphan children of Guatemala to working to provide valuable educational resources for other Guatemalan children as well. Together with two other non-profits, our organization is collecting donations to continue to support the operations of this school building in El Aguacate.

Make A Donation For A School Building

Work, Play, Love has raised nearly $30,000 to help construct Hope Academy. But with a goal of $475,000 to support the ongoing construction, staffing, and maintenance of the school, Work, Play, Love, Tree 4 Hope, and the children of Guatemala still need your help.

When you make a contribution, your money will become more than just a donation for school building. You will be helping children to grow and create meaningful, successful lives. Among charities that build schools in third world countries, Work, Play, Love and Tree 4 Hope both stand out for their commitment to long-standing solutions and continued operations. Please consider showing your support and spreading the word about Hope Academy and Hogar Heroes. Help us make a brighter future for the girls of El Aguacate.

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